Economic Week

WEEK 36 (September 4 – 8): Forthcoming economic news-releases

The EUR kept losing ground as the week passed with reports of the council not having a final decision on its plans for tapering quantitate easing. The lack of communication has allowed the USD to appreciate versus the single currency ahead of its September monetary policy meeting. The European Central ...

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Recent Posts

WEEK 34 (August 21 – 25): Forthcoming economic news-releases

The week ahead planned to be more quiet than usual, but with both Mario Draghi and Janet Yellen scheduled to appear on Friday, in Jackson Hole, traders are keen to get more insight into the plans of the two central banks, both of which are now pursuing less accommodating monetary policy. ...

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WEEK 33 (August 14 – 18): Forthcoming economic news-releases

Global markets remain jittery over rising tensions between North Korea and the US. With the war of words escalating between the two countries, global markets are down, as investors have dumped shares in favor of safe-haven assets, such as the Japanese yen and gold. (All times are GMT) On Sunday, at ...

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WEEK 32 (August 7 – 11): Forthcoming economic news-releases

US indicators ended the week on a positive note, as employment data matched or beat expectations. This was good news for the US dollar, which is broadly higher in Friday trade. The markets were pleasantly surprised as Non-farm Payrolls easily beat expectations. The labor market remains very strong, but record ...

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Binary options

Binary option (BO) is a relatively young financial product, but it has already won his client. Binary option is a contract between a trader and broker. In binary options correct forecasting of asset prices to a specific time allows trader to get a fee - a fixed payout percentage, known in advance. The beauty lies in the fact that only one point in the trader's favor will allow him to get from 88% to 1500% on its investment in the option (Please note that the price of an option - it is not the price of the asset for which the binary option contract is purchased).

How to trade with binary options effectively

Comparison of the binary options trade with the casino is fundamentally incorrect! Binary options is not a gamble, they are for trading. This is a product of the financial market, and is akin to FOREX and Contracts for Difference (CFD). Buying binary option trader is not buying a real asset, whether gold or shares of Apple or Gazprom. A trader makes a specific prediction for the asset price using the entire available arsenal - trading strategies, technical analysis, indicators, trading signals. Psychology of the trader and risk management, are essential elements of successful trading.

Successful trading = effective strategy + psychology + risk Management + ... a little luck

The variety of trading strategies allows the trader to choose his own. Only the own strategy is a warranty of effective work in the market of Binary Options. It is very difficult to distinguish productive trading signals provided by industry professionals from the "signals" provided by charlatans only by “appearance”. Keep this in mind and make the right choice!

Binary Options: Strategies

Trading Strategies for Binary Options is the cornerstone of success. They allow some traders be successful and contrary - left other traders without anticipated profits and their own deposit. However, due to the fact that the binary options market borrowed from FOREX a lot, the use of trading strategies and indicators that have shown good results in the FOREX market seriously facilitate trading in BO market. Note that one of the big advantages of binary option is that the risks are limited to the investment in the option.

Trading signals

Independent trading makes binary options trading as extremely exciting business. At times serious passions boil that prevents think clearly and correctly identify the right entry point and the associated risks. So, trust management and trading signals from professional traders and analysts recently become market realities. Many companies are proposing their signals for trading but be aware: some of these signals may devastate your deposit. We will try to give you the most actual information about some specific signals reliability.

Best binary options brokers in United States

Our studies in recent years have shown that your approach while choosing a broker should be more responsible now, because a new numerous brands and platforms enter the market every day. Their number is growing at an impressive pace due to the huge interest to this business from the traders, and the cost of new brand is not a very big deal – it is a matter of a few tens of thousands. And the new “brokers” don’t think about the quality of customer service, improvement of platform and tools or maintaining a sufficient level of liquidity. They begin to clip coupons with enthusiasm. And after you jump at the bait of such “broker”, you will not only have a bad feeling, but you may have a hole in your purse of a few hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. Which one to choose? The actuality of this issue is only increasing. We propose to consider a broker choice exactly as you do with a commercial bank and remote banking – you need a reliable partner, trustworthy, with satisfactory liquidity reserves, ready to meet your needs and with impeccable customer service. [Read more]