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11 ways to simplify your financial life. Not expensive.

1. Do not discuss money issues with those who have much more money than you…or less.

2. Save 10 percent from any sum you’ve got, either you’ve received it as salary or found on street. At the end of the year spend, invest or donate the accumulated sum.

3. Don’t mix friends and money. You will lose both.

4. Trying to record your expenditures, so to see where money goes? It is better to install an application that will do it for you. For example: “Money Manager” or “Google wallet”.

5. Counting bills in a small pack, don’t straighten them. It is better to fold it in half, take into one hand with fold line to yourself and count with another hand turn over to yourself.

6. If you need to count the money in a big pack, count ten bills and put them on a table. The following ten bills do not put into the same pack, but with “fishbone” (at an angle to the previous pack). If you get lost, you don’t need to start from the beginning, but from the last ten bills.

7. During the tours to exotic countries don’t pay money for something like “the local ancient customs” In 99% of cases you will see a presentation played by trained actors.

8. Spend some time to flip every second bill for 180 degrees after money reception from ATM or checkout counter. Otherwise, they will stick together and it will be a great risk to give two bills instead of one by accident.

9. Many banks provide such service like standing order or direct debit for mobile, Internet and other utility payments. You put in a small amount of money to the bank, and it withdraws a needful sum in a given period of service. And there are no queues, ATM or terminal search and other waste of time.

10. Use the borrowed money – open the credit card. Using it for hotels or apartments booking, car rental you block the bank’s money, not yours. And you pay nothing extra if you pay within a grace period.

11. If you don’t have big savings and you don’t want to monitor the currency rates fluctuations, keep one-third of them in domestic currency, a one-third in USD, and one-third in EUR.

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