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24Option broker review.

24OPTION24Option… Some traders still asking – “Is it scam or not?” :)

As a trader, who consider binary options trading as a long-term type of income, you need a strategic partner – reliable, stable and profitable trade platform. In other words, it should be a broker with higher level of guarantees and a system where long-term relations with traders put above short-term needs of the broker. Such broker will never “squeeze” trader in order to get additional commissions from trades or push a trader into frames of spreads.

All of this will are provided by the broker “24Option”. “Is it scam or not?” – Some traders may think, trading conditions looks too optimistic at this site. It’s safe to answer “No”. Thousands of traders can confirm the authenticity of the facts. Broker operates in the market since 2009, six years at the time of this article. Broker values ​​its reputation and therefore meets 100% of its commitments.

Briefly about 24option

However, the leading positions were given to “24Option” broker not easy. Because of the new fast-growing market in order to attract and retain traders, one needs to offer truly unique trading conditions. So the broker decided to pursue one goal: to provide for the traders the most favorable binary options trades and to reinforce them with exceptional level of service. In its work, the broker “24Option” follows to the 3 main principles:

  1. Support and training for the traders. The success of the broker depends on the success of the trader, and the trader’s success, in turn, depends on his knowledge. “24Option” platform provides to the customers the materials of his vast training center: books, videos, manuals.
  2. Maximal profit is preference. The idea of maximum principle is “the maximum contribution – the maximum result.” All terms and tools of the platform aimed at ensuring of high earnings to the traders. It is easier to achieve success in favorable conditions.
  3. Reliability. “24Option” activities are governed by the relevant authorities. Broker complies with the requirements of CySEC and provides services under the license.


There are a lot of positive feedback about the “24Option” in Internet. This proves that the company thinks about its reputation. According to reviews, the broker allow to withdraw the profit without problems, provides a high bonuses, and the company’s specialists are always ready to provide support to traders.

Here are the following reviews about “24Option” we found in Internet:

Reviews from real traders

I hadn’t chosen “24 Option” broker at once. Before him, there were a few others, and the last from them was “GrandOption”. By the way, he is the “brother” (younger ?! :)) of “24 Option” and I liked their platform, because they have “Take profit” and “Stop loss”. But … something didn’t get going out there and I decided that it’s not fate… Went to 24 Option, luckily there was open account for a long time and I had received special offers from them regularly. One such proposal (with iPad) convinced me that it is necessary to choose “24 Option”. Once I had checked money withdrawal from the platform and they arrived on the next day. The accompanying manager is unobtrusive (in contrary to some other brokers). I can recommend “24 Option” for those who are looking for a quiet trade without superfluous “hints” from other side.

Angelique, Charleroi

I do not consider myself as very cool trader. Several years of losses at FOREX and a few large deposits – partly were my fault, but I had sad experience with a “trusted” broker too. So the question who to choose as a broker for binary options trading was at the forefront. After reading many forums, websites and reviews, I choose a “24 Option” broker. I’m trading for 6 months already, money hadn’t withdrawn yet. I hadn’t taken the bonus. Platform is nimble and clear. The prices are the same as I get from the FOREX broker. I can say so – everything is satisfied up to now. However, the broker is not for those who want to start with $ 100. I started with 5000, I think this amount is the most correct for this broker.

Hugo, Valencia

Demo Account

The broker “24Option” offers a free demo account for the traders who want to try their capabilities at the market before going on a real market and invest in real money trades.

This demo account “24Option” has one peculiarity. A trader, who wants to use it, should make a minimum deposit of $ 250. However, a trader can withdraw this deposit anytime, without any real deal, so in fact, a novice trader loses nothing.

There are no technical problems with a demo account opening cause 24Option broker offers dual protection against errors: clear instructions and technical support from specialist. Demo account has a strong positive psychological effect: it allows you to get used to the interface, understand how the things work and to remove a psychological barrier with concerns about incorrect trading.

Terms of trading and other “carrots”

Assets. More than 100 assets are provided by 24Option broker. This expanded set has currency pairs, commodities, indices and stocks.

Mobile Apps. Traders shouldn’t worry that they will not be in front of computer at the right time, the broker provides trading for mobile devices. All you need is an installed mobile application and stable mobile internet / Wi-Fi. At the moment, mobile applications are available for the following Mobile OS: iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Signals. Broker sure you can trade successfully even without deep knowledge in finance markets – it will be enough to use trading signals. The signals provided by the broker are free of charge and online. So, you may receive them immediately after the creation of the first deposit.

Unique products. Broker’s “24Option” approach to the retail products differs from some other brokers. In addition to the standard Call / Put options, broker offers “Boundary”, “60 seconds” and “One touch” options.

Profitability. One of the highest rates on the market – 89% profitability completes the list of benefits from broker. As a nice bonus for the trader we can consider 15% compensation in case of incorrect prediction.

The minimum bet. With a minimum deposit of $ 250 minimum bet at the platform is $ 24. Slightly bigger minimal bet (in comparison with other brokers’ offers) is compensated with bonus, which automatically increases the amount of the deposit up to 150% of its amount.

Funds withdrawal

Fund withdrawal is quick and hassle-free. It is possible to use any of the ways available at platform: with credit card, electronic or bank transfers. To ensure high security of personal funds, the data of each trader are carefully checked by the broker.

Unlike immediate deposit placement, consideration of the request for withdrawal will take some time. However, the status of all queries, as well as the history of deposit and withdrawal options available to every trader in his personal account. We must pay tribute to the broker – absolutely all operations in the system are described in details. Just open the section FAQ. Interface and materials are often very exhaustive, so the trader doesn’t even need to ask for help from the broker’s specialists.

Bonuses from “24option”

It is believed that the broker 24Option is generous with bonuses. In fact, if you study the scheme of bonuses from “24Option”, you will notice a trend of increasing bonuses simultaneously with an increased amount of the first deposit:24Option is a partner of Uventus
up to $ 499 – Bonus is + 50%,
from $ 500 to $ 999  – Bonus + 80%,
from $ 1,000 to $ 2,499 – Bonus + 100%,
and from $ 2500 to $ 4999 – Bonus + 120%,
more than $ 5,000 – the bonus + …% (really much! :))

Thus, with deposit of $ 5,000, you can get a bonus of 100% for the first investment and trade freely with amount of $ 10,000! “Experienced” traders aware about such bonuses from the broker do not afraid to increase the amount of the deposit, because, in addition to the increased supply of funds, they will automatically receive risk reduction. So, even psychologically they feel more confident.


In conclusion, we note that the broker 24Option, distinguished with it transparent history in many markets, firmly holds the level. Broker is constantly increasing army of fans and, most importantly, successful brokers. Market experts strongly recommend try this platform to traders who value stability above the all.

24Option... Some traders still asking - "Is it scam or not?" :) As a trader, who consider binary options trading as a long-term type of income, you need a strategic partner - reliable, stable and profitable trade platform. In other words, it should be a broker with higher level of…

24Option evaluation

General functionality - 92%
Clarity of trading platform - 93%
Order execution speed - 88%
Methods of deposits and withdrawals - 91%
Innovativeness - 82%
Mobile solution (application) - 89%
Customer service - 94%



24Option is a Broker with a capital B. Great trading platform and condition, a wide range of assets and binary options types. There are no spreads. Very high reputation. 24Option is a broker for high-rollers.

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User Rating: 4.65 ( 5 votes)

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