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5 reasons to take a risk more often

What is the risk? On the one hand, it is an opportunity to draw the winning ticket, and on the other – the risk of failure. So whether you want to take the risk? Read in this article the 5 reasons why you should at least sometimes go for broke.

1. The risk makes you feel alive

There is a certain sense of satisfaction from the fact that everything is done correctly, but that feeling will never compare to the thrill that you experience when you take the risk. Only this feeling is already worth it.

2. The risk leads to changes

Many people complain that they are bored with the way of life that they lead. They are bored with their everyday life, work, the environment and much more. And the question is how to change everything?

There is only one way to break out of the usual circle of events – start doing what you haven’t did before. It’s not such simple choice, as it may seem.

Do something unusual – it’s always uncomfortable. Furthermore, you never know for sure, will you succeed in it, and this uncertainty is accompanied by the feeling of fear.

But the truth is that to take the risks, spend the time even without achievement of a tangible results – the only way to change things. Therefore, it is worth of your effort. Even if your plan will be ineffective, believe me, it will give you a much more valuable experience than many years of measured and calm life.

3. Risk will show what you can do

Since the risk is often an expression of your own ideas, views and preferences, it can tell you a lot about yourself. The more you try, the more new capabilities in yourself you will open, the better you recognize yourself and your abilities. The more successful you are in these new areas, the more self-confident person you become.

The idea is that we do not know about our true abilities till we have courage to take the risk and to test these abilities. Our limits are defined by us only. And only we can expand these limits. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” (H. Ford)

The risk is attracting attention to you.

Most people prefer the easiest possible route. This is due to the fact that many of them do not believe in themselves and their capabilities. A risk – it’s always a challenge to yourself and your own comfort.

To take the risk is not the usual behavior in society. When you run the risk you take actions that go beyond the usual. Thus, you attract attention to yourself.

And when you become visible, you’re more likely to get a promotion, a new customers or the best deals.

5. Risk sets high standards.

Risk opens the way to a greater victories. After you feel it taste, the new standards immediately begin to form in the head. You do not feel the satisfaction of achieving the previous results any more. From now on, you need more. And it pushes you forward. So there is a new comfort zone, where the risk of becoming commonplace, and the level of standards increases dramatically. And then follow the new victories, new results, new level of standards and everything is repeated.

And is there a back side of taking the risk? Yes. You can take a risk and lose. There is none is safe from it. And it is up to, whether to continue your comfort life, or try to take the risk in the pursuit of happiness …

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