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5 Simple Steps to Success

Let’s answer on the two simple questions – “Do we want to make money using a binary options trading?” and “Do we want to spend money that we will get from the trading?”

The answers are obvious, so you shouldn’t even go to oracle. The following 5 simple rules will help you to obtain certain benefits and avoid unpleasant situations in the future from the very beginning of your activity in the binary options trading.

1. The benefits of early registration.

So, you have learned our materials, compare the merits of brokers, appreciated disadvantages of each of them … and waiting for something. Our recommendation – do register with several brokers! Do not wait. It is completely free for all brokers that we have listed in our site and does not impose фе you any obligation to start trading immediately.

But early registration will give you certain privileges:

  • If you want to make a deposit and start trading only a week or two after registration, then at this point you will receive several letters with various “bonuses” that you will not get otherwise. Think about early air-tickets booking, it is always cheaper! But do not postpone deposit very far – interest to you from the broker side may weaken and suggestions from them will go on the wane.
    Often the broker is willing to offer you a “super condition, but if you make a deposit today.” Really decided to trade with binary options?! The best moment you can’t imagine – after reception of a few “best proposals” and choosing a really best from them.
  • After registration you will obligatory receive a call from the broker representative, who will tell you about the conditions of the company. If you haven’t made a deposit, then most likely you will receive a call for several times. Thus, by registering on multiple platforms you will be able to form an impression about the people who work in broker’s company, the quality of customer service and decide how it all fit to you. This is extremely important, because you will communicate with them for a while.

2. Do not think about minimum deposit.

You should think of the maximum amount that you can afford to place on the trade account. Whether you are looking for example, look here – brokers are recommending start with a minimum deposit of US $ 200 (200 euros, 200 GBP). For this deposit the broker doesn’t provide any special benefits and privileges. Your account with a broker is similar to your bank account – it’s your money and you have the right to do whatever you want with them, including withdraw of them. And, similarly with the bank, the higher the balance you have at your account, the more solid and bigger your “weight” for the broker.

3. Make a legend for yourself.

In other words, rise you price in eyes of the broker. According to the rules of good customer service, broker should know and understand their customers. Therefore, broker’s questions will concern not only your finances, but also other aspects of your life. We would recommend that you understand this, as it eventually will affect your support. On the other hand, not all of us are millionaires, but the brokers love them much more. ;) “Embellishing is doesn’t meaning to lie” – tell to the broker that $500, you are putting on deposit now is not all your money, you still have 5,000 USD, which you will place into deposit if you like the platform, trading conditions and quality of service from this particular broker. Write to us then, how attitude towards you has changed….

4. Pass the verification procedure as soon as possible.

You do nothing “shameful” or illegal. No need to write James Bond as the “Name”, and residential address – United Kingdom, MI6 HQ. Specify true information about yourself. You want to trade and withdraw the profit? Serious brokers licensed for this type of activity does not allow even to trade without verification stage. There is no sense to think about withdraw of the profit without it! Prepare in advance a copy of the passport, a document that contains your home address and a copy (you can just take a picture with the phone) credit cards from both sides. And do not forget to close the first 12 digits and CVV code (!). Your personal information will not be disclosed by the broker (otherwise his reputation seriously affected), so there are no special risks.

5. Do not give to anybody the passwords to your trade account.

You are so trust to the manager that works with a broker that safely will give him the keys from you apartments? No? Then why should you give him your login and password from your account on the trading platform? We do not want to cast accusation to any of the managers, but do not tempt them, because who have the “keys” from the account, has the right to manage the money in that account. Appeals to the broker that you haven’t done some deals perhaps will not find understanding from the broker side, if you gave to someone an access to your money. Our recommendation is to use a difficult password, remember it, and do not give it to anyone.

We hope that these banal tips will be interesting enough to someone. We can’t bring all the nuances that will accompany you from choosing a broker to trading on the platform and communication with the broker.

P.S. We also would like to put your attention to the article about the bonuses. Is it necessary to accept or reject them, what conditions you should pay attention, which one broker is the most “generous” and which one is “loyal” to the customers and much more…

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