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A 15-minute strategy, “The Key Rate”

The 15-minute strategy, “The Key Rate,” allows you to close 90% of transactions with a profit. People use the strategy 4-5 times a month, and the high percentage of profit probability encourages increased risks in transactions and rapid growth of your trading account. The strategy can be used as a primary one or as a supplement to any other binary options trading system.

The essence of “The Key Rate” 15-minute binary options strategy

“The Key Rate” 15-minute strategy is a type of trading on the news. But in this case, we use only one kind of macroeconomic news, announcements from central banks of countries whose currency is traded on the market at a new key rate.

A list of central banks with assets dependent on their decisions:

  • The Bank of Canada – USDCAD
  • The Bank of England – GBPUSD
  • The Reserve Bank of Australia – AUDUSD
  • The Reserve Bank of New Zealand – NZDUSD
  • The Swiss National Bank – USDCHF
  • The European Central Bank – EURUSD

Each of these regulators announces their decision on the interest rate only once a month (or more rarely). Thanks to the fact that there are a large number of these regulators, and the asset decisions dependent on them is even higher, you will be able to make profit trading on the 15-minute “The Key Rate” strategy every week and earn consistently.

Where can you track decisions on interest rates

To find out the date and time of the publication of decisions on key rates, you can use our page Economic calendar or any other financial portal that has a calendar of macroeconomic news. Using an interactive calendar, you can see the size of the fixed rate and quickly decide on the direction of trading:

Calendar-minHow to trade on “The Key Rate” 15-minute strategy

So, to determine the date and time of the publication of a new key rate, you need to open the trading platform exactly at the scheduled time. Then wait for heavy price movement. In 99% of cases begins immediately after the announcement of the new interest rate level.

It doesn’t matter if the rate has increased or been lowered. What matters is that this news is of great importance to the foreign exchange market and its release causes active unilateral irrevocable price movement. It is precisely what is needed for profitable binary options trading. So, after the news were announced, you only need to buy a contract in the direction in which the price is actively moving. As mentioned above, 90% of transactions close with a profit!

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Expiry terms and money management

“The Key Rate” is a strategy with a 15-minute expiration term. Accordingly, in all transactions, you need to use options with terms of 15 minutes. As for money management, trades of up to 8% of the size of your account may be used. The expected increase in the size of your funds over a month is about 25-30%.

The broker for trading

You should understand that immediately after the publication of important news, like interest rates, asset quotes start to move frantically. And at ordinary binary options platforms, transactions at this time either close or  purchased with huge slippage. That is, instead of earning, you will either receive a loss, or not even be able to trade. Therefore, for trading on news-releases, you can use the Binomo platform, where there is no slippage and trading on the news is permitted.

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