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Binary options trading strategy “Alligator”

Where else can you get a 100% profit in a few seconds, and make a few successful trades in less than a minute?
But, at the same time, one should understand that very short time-frame and turbo options give very little time for thinking. You should enter into the trade momentarily, because one additional second of meditation can turn everything upside down. Accordingly, the scheme by which you will trade should be reliable and do not cause any doubts. And below is one of such strategies for binary options trading.

Strategy description

We need the only one technical analysis indicator called Alligator (Williams Alligator) for trading within M1 time-frames according to this strategy.
Do not be surprised with such a small number of tools, believe us, when you are trading with M1 options, you don’t have time to monitor a variety of indicators. Moreover, this indicator considered as one of the most popular and reliable.
“Alligator” consists of three lines, two of which (the blue and red, “jaws” and “teeth”) are reflected a long periods, and the third – green (“lips”), a shorter period. It will be very useful to us during the trading.


Choosing the required time-frame (M1) and placing the indicator on the chart, proceed to search for points of entry. There are few of them in this scheme.

Trading Strategy

The main signal for purchasing the option is the intersection of assets price with one of the reference lines, but these signals could be interpreted in different ways. It means:

Buy CALL options when
Situation 1: asset quotes crossed short-term (green) indicator line in the upward direction.


In this case it is necessary to take the shortest options. For example, if you have possibility to buy 15 and 30 seconds options it will be the optimal solution because strong trends, like shown in the example, are very rare.

Situation 2: the green line of the indicator has crossed the blue and red from the bottom up.


Here we can buy an option with a longer time-frame. For example it could be 1 or 2 minutes time-frames, because the trend in this situation should continue a longer period.

Buy PUT option when

Situation 1: asset trend crossed the green line from the top down, indicating the formation of the downward trend.


The time-frame also must also be as short as possible.

Situation 2: the green (short-term) line crossed the long-term lines from top to bottom, as shown in the figure.

As you can see, there is needed a long-term time-frame, because quotes showed a small rebound.

In general, this strategy can be safely attributed to the reliable and given that the trading is carried out at a minimal time-frames, there is an opportunity to fulfill the dream of any trader – a good profit in a short time.

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