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The Average Directional Index or ADX indicator


The Average Directional Index (ADX) is a technical analysis tool used to measure the trend strength. The plus directional indicator (+DI) and the minus directional indicator (-DI) accompany the ADX line, highlighting the direction of the trend. Used together they form a trading system that is able to determine both ...

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CySEC said “NO” to Bonus practice


The previous week was full with macroeconomic events – ECB President Mario Draghi speech (Nov. 28), OPEC meeting (Nov. 30), where decision about oil production freeze was accepted, US Non-Farm Payrolls result issue (Dec. 2). Taking into account all these events, one event passed by many barely noticed. But it ...

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Caution! Cheaters!


Recently, we have noticed the spread of false e-mails, the authors of which, posing as employees of Forex and binary options brokers, trying to get customer data about their personal account and to traders’ assets. We recommend do not provide any data in response to such e-mails. The brokers we ...

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Trading on demo account for beginners


Trading is a business! Income from this business depends on many factors. And getting a profit is the aim of everyone who decides to trade with binary options. For successful trading many things are important: experience, trading strategy, market situation… How to behave novice who has no experience or strategy, ...

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Trader’s sentiments indicator


Many brokers post on their trading platforms so-called “Indicator of traders sentiments.” It can be called in different ways, but it looks like this (see picture) We see the asset and a “thermometer” – an indicator of how many traders have chosen the UP (or CALL) option and how many ...

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