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5 myths about binary options

5 common myths about Binary Options

Binary options is a relatively young financial product, but it already gain the clients. Interest to it does not diminish, on the contrary – we see almost exponential growth of a search engine with the words “binary options”. In most cases, willing to join the large army of traders seeking ...

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Reward yourself after a successful week

Reward yourself after sucessfull trading

No matter what business you are in. If you enjoy it, waking up in the morning smiling at the fact that this day for sure will bring you the joy from the work done and financial reward for it fulfill the most of your needs and desire. Is it not ...

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The cure for fear

on the edge

The right leg is moving synchronously with the movement of the left … that way there is a movement goes. Movement forward, backward or sideways depends on both legs. Without participation of one of them there is no movement. We can only fall… The same situation we see in trading ...

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Cancer born trader (Horoscope)


Time for Cancer What is about Cancer born traders for sure – is the fact that they had a phenomenal intuition and other members of the zodiac horoscope can only dream about it. Cancers are very frugal, they are always stock up with a few hundreds or thousands. The expression ...

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Gemini-born trader (Horoscope)

Horoscope for Gemini-born traders

Time for Geminis The Gemini-born is an entrepreneur from the very birth. Nobody can be compared with them regarding ability to earn and to save money! Ironically, dual nature does not prevent, but rather help them successfully carry out financial transactions. They are great company and speakers. They have a ...

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