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1. Beginner

Pin Bar strategy for binary options trading


Pin Bar strategy is a very popular and simple strategy. And it is understandable to everyone, even a novice trader. This strategy doesn’t require comprehensive knowledge about the market, charts and technical analysis. In this strategy we do not need any indicator, but a little attention only. The essence of ...

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A 15-minute strategy, “The Key Rate”

Key for market

The 15-minute strategy, “The Key Rate,” allows you to close 90% of transactions with a profit. People use the strategy 4-5 times a month, and the high percentage of profit probability encourages increased risks in transactions and rapid growth of your trading account. The strategy can be used as a ...

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Strategy “The initial trend”

One of the binary option trading advantages is possibility to trade with FOREX and Stock Exchange assets within one trading platform. Below we will describe the strategy that use the pattern from stock exchange market. We can call this pattern and strategy based on it as “The initial trend”. The ...

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The strategy for long-term investment


This article will tell you about a simple and intuitive indicator which can use everyone, including beginners. Big experience and ability to predict is not required for it. The only disadvantage is that such situations do not occur too often. But it is possible to get about 8-9 profitable deals ...

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