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Economic calendar

The Economic calendar

informs you regarding the forecast vs. facts, about events that rule the thinking of traders and give to you many other features which make your trading easier.

Releases of economy statistics, performance of world biggest companies officials, reports of interest rates changes made by central banks affect the daily exchange rates, shares and indices. Schedule of such important events are specified in our economic calendar. Such interesting events usually cause significant movements of different assets rates. These movements allow to earn money on binary options trading.

Real Time Economic Calendar provided by Investing.com.

How to use the economic calendar

  • Set your time zone in the upper left corner of the calendar, so the time of all events will be set in your time zone.
  • Select the most important events of the day, coming out at a time when you prefer to trade. Important events are marked by three or two-headed bulls in the column Importance.
  • Click on an event in the table and elaborate what assets it will affect. Column Forecast indicates the expected value of the data. Immediately after the event in column Actual the actual figure will appear. If actual data coincide with the forecast, the movement on the course will not happen. Strong motion are caused by deviations of actual values from the forecast.
  • Prepare your trading plan in advance – what deals you will make if the actual data will be higher or lower than the forecast. Select the asset, direction and expiration time of the option (Most traders usually choose 5-15 minutes intervals when trade upon calendar events). For example, if GDP data from Europe is higher than the forecast, euro will go up. You should make a deal on EUR/USD with the “CALL” option. Conversely, when the actual data is below than the forecast data, choose “PUT” direction. If you do not plan your deals in advance and start trading after the publication of the data, you will not be able to make a profitable deal before the movement stops.
  • Do not refresh the page. All figures and data are on real-time base.

Economic Calendar How to useIf you are interested to trade on news-releases, read this article before it. It will help you to trade correctly.