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Notifications about upcoming economic news-releases

Anyone who has ever traded with binary options, or on the Forex market knows that some news-releases can cause very strong movements on the market. There are such news-releases like changes in interest rates, news from the labor market, statistics on GDP and many others. Many traders are waiting for them, because periods of high volatility on the market are usually associated with their releases. And correct enter to the market provides an opportunity to make a good profit. Other traders, whose trades based on technical analysis, prefer don not trade in these moments. They are trying to close the open positions in half an hour before the news-release and return to trading after a couple of hours, when strong fluctuations on the market calm down.
However, if you do not follow the news permanently, it may happen that having been engaged in some business or trades, we miss the time of such important news-releases. And as a result we miss the chance to receive profit, or even worse – we are losing the money, because the market moved against our position.
We decided that it is necessary to improve the situation and to make the system sending a notification on a smartphone with information about the most important news-releases.Yoohoo

To receive such notifications, you must install the application Yoohoo Clients Welcome.  and request an entry code from us. You can receive the code either by subscribe, or just by sending an e-mail (it could be empty!) to info@webinary24.com
For a half an hour before the news-release you will get notification at your smartphone with information about news-release time (GMT), the type and currency it will affect.
List of economic news-releases which you will be notified about are given in our weekly economic news review.

Pay attention! Time specified in the list is GMT. Alerts are arriving a half an hour before the release!

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