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Reward yourself after a successful week

No matter what business you are in. If you enjoy it, waking up in the morning smiling at the fact that this day for sure will bring you the joy from the work done and financial reward for it fulfill the most of your needs and desire. Is it not the thing everyone is looking for?!

However, the psychology of the trader sometimes plays a trick with him, forcing to deny himself in small pleasures in favor of augmenting numbers in his trading account.

An instructive tale (and there are a lot of such stories, believe me) happened to a gentleman during the dot.com boom. At the time, it came into the world a lot of newly minted millionaires, but many of them lost everything almost as quickly as got it. Probably some of them now regret that they did not spend their money on a real things, and instead of it they fought for increasing numbers in the graph of balance…

A senior manager had about half a million of insider shares in one IT companies.

The company entered the IPO with the price of a little over $ 16 per share, and in the next few months the price soared sharply to 120. At that time our friend was worth about $ 60 million. Do you think he sold them, bought the island and started to breed unicorns? In fact, he continues to work his 8 hours per day, as most of us. In fact, almost all of his shares were restricted for sale during a rocket rise. So he was unable to fix a profit, which would allow him to become rich.

The only evidence that remains from his fleeting richness is the house for a few million somewhere in the suburbs of Boston. He earns enough to maintain it and pay taxes for the house, which he could not afford to buy now.

The lesson is that the fantastic profits that can be obtained on the financial market – this is just a lot of numbers on the bill, if we can not spend it. Some probably think that their goal is to build a large number of digits in the account. But they became consumed with “paranoia”, if the electronic income does not continue to grow at an ever-increasing rate.

Award for trading

If you trade for a profit, it is useful from time to time spend money on something tangible. Not necessarily great, let it be something pleasant and useful – a vacation with your wife in Canary Islands, a bottle of good wine or a new chair for your office. This will remind you that the hard work and the nerves spent in deals were not in vain.

In other words, follow Horace recommendation – Carpe diem.

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