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The Average Directional Index or ADX indicator


The Average Directional Index (ADX) is a technical analysis tool used to measure the trend strength. The plus directional indicator (+DI) and the minus directional indicator (-DI) accompany the ADX line, highlighting the direction of the trend. Used together they form a trading system that is able to determine both ...

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Binary trading strategy “Triple RSI”


In this article, we look at the one of the simplest strategies – Triple RSI. Thus, even a novice trader can trade with it. It uses one of the most common indicators – RSI (Relative Strength Index) and you can find it integrated in some of the trading platforms. The ...

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Binary option strategy Wing


Trading on the binary market is combined with a variety of systems and approaches for quote movement analysis in rapidly changing market situations. However, new systems cannot compete with classic strategies on the accuracy of signals and efficiency. So, here we offer the highly accurate Wing strategy – a long-proven ...

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Strategy “The initial trend”

One of the binary option trading advantages is possibility to trade with FOREX and Stock Exchange assets within one trading platform. Below we will describe the strategy that use the pattern from stock exchange market. We can call this pattern and strategy based on it as “The initial trend”. The ...

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Binary options basics in a short video lessons

Whether you are an experienced trader or just starting to trade, are you trading by signals or according to your own strategy – it is better to know the basic principles of market analysis and trading. Look at these few short lessons. The basic principles are unveiled with an easy-to-understand ...

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