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WEEK 32 (August 3-7): Forthcoming economic news-releases

As was noted in the previous FOMC meeting, the Committee members would like to see “some further improvement in the labor marketbefore rates raising. And data regarding employment in USA that will be published on the first Friday, as usually, will give us a “some” strong hints if the market is moving in the correct direction.

So, here is the full list of the most significant events, that we expect on the coming week (week 32):

On Monday, information about manufacturing activity from Britain and US will arrive. In the morning (8:30) we will get Manufacturing PMI from UK and at 14:00 ISM Manufacturing PMI from US will be published.

Tuesday will begin with a numerous economic data from Australia: Retail Sales and Trade Balance at 1:30 and Australia’s central bank decision regarding interest rates will be announced at 4:30.

At 22:45 we will get information regarding New Zealand labor market. The quarterly published data regarding Unemployment Rate and Employment Change (q/q) will be issued.

On Wednesday Services PMI from UK (8:30), it follows with ADP Non-Farm Employment Change from US (12:15) and immediately after it – info about Trade Balance from US and Canada (12:30).

On Thursday, at 1:30 we will get Australian employment data.

At 11:00 Bank Of England will announce Inflation Report with decision regarding rates. It is not expected, that rates will be changed this time.

The number of US Unemployment Claims will be announced at 12:30.

On Friday, during Press Conference at Bank Of Japan information about rate changes could arrive. China market slowdown may affect Japan market and Bank Of Japan decisions.

And the most significant economic press-release we are waiting at 12:30. We will get the most actual information about the US and Canadian employment market. Non-Farm Employment Change data and Unemployment rate from US, and Employment Change and Unemployment Rate from Canada will arrive simultaneously.

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