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WEEK 34 (August 17-21): Forthcoming economic news-releases

Here is the list of the strongest economic news – market movers for the coming week.

It will start on Sunday. At 23:50 (GMT) Japan GDP data will be annonced.

On Tuesday, at 8:30 yearly Consumer Price Index show us a level of inflation in UK. It is expected that it will stay the same as previous time – 0.0%

At 12:30 the number of building permits from US will be published. During the last time it grew steadily. However, economists believe that this month it will be less than previous month data. Will see.

On Wednesday, at 12:30 monthly Consumer Price Indexes will be published in US. Both CPI (CPI and Core CPI) are expected to raise for 0.2%.

Later at 18:00 US FOMC Meeting Minutes will give us better understanding regarding the expected rates change in September.

On Thursday, news from Bank of Japan regarding rate decision will arrive. Taking into account the last news from China, many economists will look at this decision with bigger attention.

At 12:30 US Unemployment Claims will be announced. Economists believe that the number of individuals who filed for unemployment insurance for the first time during the past week stays very close to the previous record – 272,000.

At 14:00 Philadelphia Manufacturing Index show us economic health from the view of 250 Philadelphia’s manufacturers.

On Friday, at 12:30 monthly Core CPI and Core Retail Sales will arrive from Canada.

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